In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. (John 1:4)

Hymn Camp Videos

Check out the stop-motion videos of the children’s hymns “S-T-E-A-D-F-A-S-T” and “I Have My Very Own Conscience” that we made during a camp with God’s Children- we served!

Bible Studies

We have bible studies on:

Tuesdays @8

Thursdays @7

Sundays @7

(Usually last around an hour)

Join us (via Google Meet) for daily bible enjoyment, singing, and more:

Click below to join our Google Hangouts for reminders and more fellowship:

Daily Enjoyment

Daily enjoyment from meetings attended by the Young People! Click above to view.

Who Are We?

We are young people (YP) with the help of serving ones (SO) who want to gain the Lord Jesus Christ as our life by eating and drinking! Hallelujah! In addition, we also have the burden to spread the gospel.



Testimonies written by us!


Join Us!

We need you to help us grow and continue to nurture others! Whether you are a YP or SO who likes graphic designing, writing, organizing, singing hymns, or anything you have in mind, consider joining us by contacting us!