2022 Northeast High School Spring Conference

Who: Current 9th-12th grade students

When: Friday afternoon, April 15th- Lord’s Day, April 17th

Where: Kingston Penuel Conference Center

This year’s conference was so timely and enjoyable -we all loved it and were so nourished! The topic was: Returning to, enjoying, and loving Christ.

Ruth as well as Naomi in the Old Testament age experienced real rest by returning to, enjoying, and loving Christ.

Likewise, we can find full and real rest through the Lord in our daily hectic lives.

For God has not given us a spirit of cowardice, but of power and of love and of sobermindedness.

2nd Timothy 1:7

In addition, there also was a special fellowship about the Lord’s Second Coming that was VERY interesting (and also scary in a good way!)

We enjoyed sang hymns so much that many of us lost our voices and some even came back sick😅. It was worth it though!

Conference Playlist

Praise the Lord for the precious Church life and that we can love Him together! Check out some more of the enjoyment from the Young People below.

Sister Laurina

the topic of this spring conference is returning to, enjoying, and loving Christ. and i think this is definitely something that i need reminders of each day- Christ is our rest. let me explain in detail:

message 1: returning to Christ as our Real Rest
key words: REAL rest, and RETURNING to Christ.

God is our inward rest that gives full satisfaction and peace. from the very first day- God had set the path for us to have rest. when Adam and Eve were first placed in the Garden of Eden- and they were the first man that God created. “eden” means pleasure- all God wants for man is for us to have pleasure through his rest. i additionally found it extremely interesting that in the book of Genesis- God rested on the seventh day. man was created on the sixth day. on the seventh
day- both man and God rested. God rested because he had man, and man rested because they had God. it’s so cool. another thing that i enjoyed was from Luke 15:17-24. there was a group of 100 sheep, Christ being the shepherd of all of them. 1 sheep was lost- God left behind the remaining 99 sheep to go after the one lost sheep. WE are that one lost sheep. God will and is always operating so that we can receive his peace. we have been justified and approved to be part of his operation- and i find that so touching.

message 2: enjoying Christ as our Daily Rest
key words: DAILY rest, and ENJOYING Christ.

a lot of this focused on Ruth- as there were three main characters to focus on. Elimelech, Naomi, and Ruth. in the book of Ruth (mostly chapters 1-2), a famine happened. Elimelech swerved, Naomi returned, Ruth gleaned and accompanied Naomi. Elimelech came from a great background- but when times were getting bad, he immediately swerved and left the Lord- we should not be like this. Naomi did return, although she did pay a price for it. she ended up being gone from the church life for 10 years, and although it was hard for her to come back, she did return to the Lord. when she did come back- she asked the city to call her Mara (bitterness) instead of Naomi (pleasure). we shouldn’t follow this exact example- but she came back and in the end, the outcome was positive. Ruth was born in a not-so-great background, as she was born in Moab. she ended up accompanying Naomi in the retuning of the Lord- and she made the choices to follow. personally, the biggest point to learn from Ruth was to realize that your
background does NOT determine your outcome. your choices do. Ruth worked so hard to return to the Lord- everyday she gleaned. gleaning is to collect bit by bit- specifically in Ruth’s example, she collected barley after all the others have harvested it already, picking up the leftovers of others. this took so much effort, but Ruth worked all day to be able to gather large amounts of barley. little by little, if we come to the Word, we’re able to glean. an example that i connected much to was how a bit of extra effort always does more than puting a little less effort into something. if you take 1.01 and put it to the 365th power (everyday for a year), and then
compare it to 0.99 to the 365th power, you have 37.7834343 versus 0.0255179645. that extra 0.1 has such a large impact if you just do a bit more in your daily time. do not underestimate every percent of work. to add on- there are many benefits of gleaning: comfort, kindness + kind speaking, water, full reward, refuge, food, satisfaction, and leftovers. it’s crazy.

special fellowship

to be completely real- this message was confusing (?) idk how to describe it but a bunch of the things in the meeting didn’t exactly line up. i still don’t exactly know how the math section of it lines up- so for now, that’s not the most important part of the message. the biggest thing i received in this message was that if you saturate yourself with the Word of God, you will be an overcomer. what occupies your mind, occupies your life- all we need is to keep the Lord as our top priority. this doesn’t mean that we need to give everything up in order to receive Him. that’s not His goal. we need His supreme love. there are 7 years- the first 3.5 years are great. there’s also a small gap before the second 3.5 years. the second half is the Great Tribulation- no one wants to be in that. there’s a rapture of the believers right before the Great Tribulation- but God only raptures mature believers first. of course, the majority of
believers would eventually be raptured, but only after the Great Tribulation. we want to be
those mature believers, who receive his Word and soak Him in everyday.

message 3: loving Christ for our Full Rest
key words: FULL rest, and LOVING Christ.

as believers, we have made a choice to follow onto the Lord- that’s why so many people like
me had made the commitment to be saved and listen to his word. we need to love the Lord by being exercised to give the Lord the first place. if you feel that you don’t love the Lord, which may be the case- spend time with Him. He is our righteousness, the one who bore our sins on the Tree. in fact, by confessing your sins, you are talking to the Lord, which is something that i often forget. we need to have an intimate relationship with the Lord- doing so by pursuing righteousness, faith, love, and peace with a pure heart. He is our dwelling place and our husband- nothing should ever be awkward with the Lord, which i appreciated greatly. by exercising our spirit, we are ready for the Lord’s coming!

Sister Katherine

I enjoyed this year’s Spring Conference SO MUCH!! It was very timely and the retreat allowed me to really be at peace and refocus on God. I’ve been more appreciative of Ruth and Naomi’s testimony and pattern as well as aware that we also need to be careful not to swerve like Elimelech. I’m encouraged that I can prepare for the Lord’s second coming (which is EXTREMELY SOON) by loving the Lord more and becoming mingled with Him. Hallelujah!

If you’d like to add your enjoyment too-whether it’s from YP meetings, the material you’ve read, small analogies, something another saint has said, a hymn, or anything else- Leave a comment below! Hallelujah! We hope they help you grow in life this next week!

Praying about you all,
Christ as Life YP

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