Welcome to our resources page! This is where we add helpful sites, apps, and other materials that we use in our pursuit of the Lord. We hope this is useful and leave a comment if you have any other suggestions!


Living Stream Ministry:

Bibles for America:


YP in the Northeast:

YP in the Midwest:


Want to know the hymns sung in localities each week? Check this out- we helped create it! Lord’s Table Hymn Tracker-Google Sheets

Melody of Lilies:


Holy Bible Recovery Version: Made by the Living Stream Ministry, access the Recovery Version Bible WITH FOOTNOTES AND SEARCH FOR VERSES all on your phone-it even has dark mode!! Highly recommend.

RcV Bible: Recovery Version Bible in a minimal layout.

Project Hymnal: An app on the iPhone where you can easily find hymns sung during the Lord’s Table or YP meetings. Check it out!

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