Week of 12/27/21

Sister Phoebe
Topic: The Teenage Years 
  • Teenage years are crucial
  • During these teen years we have to build a good foundation
  • The teenage years are where we are molded
  • Seek the Lord through the teen yrs
  • Never waste time
  • Pursue the Lord everyday
  • Two choices in front of us: Lord and Satan
  • We have a free will
  • We should attach ourselves to the Lord
  • Unceasingly pray to see how the Lord will lead you
  • Teenage yrs are FOR THE LORD

If you’d like to add your enjoyment too-whether it’s from YP meetings, the material you’ve read, small analogies, something another saint has said, a hymn, or anything else- Leave a comment below! Hallelujah! We hope they help you grow in life!

Praying about you all,

Christ as Life YP

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