Week of 2/13/22

Message on God’s Salvation:

  • We need to be saved from this terrible age – How? By getting baptized!
  • Like the Isrealites who crossed the Red Sea away from Egypt (representing the world)

The Enjoyment of God in the House of God:

  • Jesus taught us not to simply follow the Ten Commandments, but to contact Him
  • Where do we contact and enjoy God? In His house!
  • We can decide for ourselves whether or not we are willing to go to His house!

This week’s hymn:

We don’t need to do work for the Lord, just listen to Him and enjoy!
 Kiss the Son, kiss the One
Who for love to me has come,
Cheering me, charming me,
And has died upon the tree,
He died for me, saving me,
Now His Spirit joins to me,
I’ve kissed the Son!
Serving in my mingled spirit
In the gospel of His Son,
First receiving Christ the Spirit;
He’s the processed Triune One.
Jesus Christ in our experience
Is the worship God desires;
This true worshipping in spirit
Is the service God requires.
Serving Christ, just let Him kiss you,
Living with Him all the day,
Worshipping God by our living
Is the gospel-serving way.
In the Body let us serve Him,
Nothing natural, there, can be;
Through Christ’s death and resurrection,
Worship in reality.

Verse of the week:

One thing I have asked from Jehovah; / That do I seek: / To dwell in the house of Jehovah / All the days of my life, / To behold the beauty of Jehovah, / And to inquire in His temple.

Psalm 27:4
  • The Church is God’s dwelling place now! We will be the temple for God and He will be our temple! This is through a mutual enjoyment and dwelling place
  • His dwelling place is in all the believers – much larger!

If you’d like to add your enjoyment too-whether it’s from YP meetings, the material you’ve read, small analogies, something another saint has said, a hymn, or anything else- Leave a comment below! Hallelujah! We hope they help you grow in life this next week!

Praying about you all,
Christ as Life YP

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