Week of 5/10/21

Dear brother and sisters, we are currently still figuring out what type of formatting is best for sharing daily revival enjoyment, so expect to see some differences from week to week. Let us know which style you prefer! We also will also be starting to ask some other young people to start adding their enjoyment for more content and fellowship. Stay tuned and feel free to contact us! Hallelujah!

Amen, I was really touched by this week’s daily revival that the Lord brought to us! 

This week’s focus was: Where is your heart? 

  • Is it pure? 
  • Keep it pure!

We learned about how Nehemiah stirred up himself up for God’s need and gave himself for God’s burden *boldly* -he was active, and openly & aggressively pursued the things of God.


  • Cared for God’s interest
  • Loved God and God’s people
  • Fellowshipped with the Lord

Nehemiah was used by God to carry out his burden, and He was able to because Nehemiah stirred up his own spirit and self and devoted him to God’s need. I think we can really learn a lot from Nehemiah’s actions. In his actions of rebuilding Jerusalem’s wall, he was bold, active, and openly and aggressively pursued. In fact, I was surprised to learn that he did not wait for God to do something- he took action himself. This might seem like he was working without God, but his heart was toward Him. Because of this, his work was done with the help of God.

How did Nehemiah do this super complicated job? Well, Nehemiah made a plan, prayed, and then believed and trusted in the Lord- not himself. As children of the Lord living in the world, we need to assess what matters humanly, things like character building and schooling and use it for the Lord’s need! This revival really made me realize that the best way is to carry out my plans and commit myself and my resources for what the Lord wants, not what I want, because the things that I want are of the world and useless. We shouldn’t commit or even waste a single second on something without trusting the Lord. For example, We can study and learn things that can be a practical way to reach out to people, which can spread the gospel

 Nowadays, Satan is working to keep us away from salvation by changing our aggressiveness and drive instead to passiveness and toward temporary satisfactions. However, we can fight against Satan’s strategy and focus on the eternal things!

The current situation in the world today is full of darkness and wickedness because men don’t know or receive God. If we knew God, people would be able to enter into the light and stay away from the darkness– I like to think of it sort of like water and juice: the Lord is our water and we need him to live and stay healthy, but sometimes we like to drink juice because it is tasty and different. The juice will satisfy us for a while, but eventually, we always come back to the water; because we need it.

One hymn that kept on popping into my mind over and over again during the meeting was the hymn “Great Searchings of Heart”–totally recommend you to listen when you get the chance, it fits perfectly with this week’s lesson.

I hope that the Lord has spoken to you through this message so that you will want to live for Him and express Him on the earth. We can do this by making a great resolve and a great plan and trusting and loving the Lord throughout our entire life on earth. Praise the Lord!

Lord, I pray that you can use us and that we can open our hearts to you!

Until next week brothers and sisters,

Sister Katherine

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