Week of 5/31/21

Sister Kelly

Day 1: 

  • Focus on God’s economy 
  • Distractions: Judaism and Gnosticism  
  • “Missed the mark” 
  • Don’t let “good” principles and philosophies to distract (doesn’t match God’s intention)
  • Religion and scripture can be used as a subtle tactic from the enemy
  • Fellowship with God to turn to his economy

Day 2:

  • Goal is to dispense Himself into us
  • Man keeps drifting away from God
  • God’s economy = God’s dispensation 
  • God is a “businessman” 
  • Produces spirit (himself)
  • Triune God required to provide essential means
  • Solution: Love/God (source), grace/Christ (expression of love), and communion/Holy Spirit (transmission of love in grace)

Day 3:

  • God the Father – divine and unapproachable (cannot connect)
  • The Son – incarnated (approachable to man to see, touch, and commune)
  • Connection becomes reality
  • White handkerchief and blue dye become one, once dipped

Day 4:

  • Son of God (Christ)
  • Seven elements of Christ: God’s divine essence, mingling of nature (human), human living, experience of death, resurrection, ascension, enthronement 
  • Device for connection 
  • God: Divine → Human
  • HUman: Human → Divine 

Day 5:

  • Spirit 
  • Father and Son in spirit 
  • New Testament economy has all seven elements
  • Holy Spirit – Spirit of truth and reality 
  • Persons of Godhead are the Spirit (cannot be separated)
  • 3-in-1 
  • To be our spiritual and inward life
  • Recovering children by bringing them to the mark

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Sister Ellie

-The Enemies are trying to distract Christians from God’s economy. Spend time with the Lord to keep to the Lord and keep following God’s economy

-God’s economy is His plan to dispense Himself in Humanity. He manufactures Himself to dispense Himself in mass production free of charge. He dispenses through His economy.

-God sent Jesus in order to dispense Himself into man. We can connect with God through Jesus.

-Elements of God

 *Divine essence and nature


 *Human living

 *Death experience 



-These elements make church

-The Lord is within us. He is the Spirit of reality/truth. Because God and the Son are both in the Spirit we can easily contact Christ. 

Thank you for reading 🤗

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Sister Phoebe

  • Love out of a pure heart
  • God’s economy = faith 
  • Most people stray away and stopped following the Lord in the pathway of God’s economy
  • We can spend time with the Lord to keep following Him
  • God’s economy is his plan to dispense Himself into humanity
  • The Trinity = Father, Son, and Spirit

2nd Corinthians 13:14 – “The Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” 

  • Love = source
  • Grace = expression of love
  • Communion = transmission of this love into grace
  • Through the Son, the Father can now touch men
  • 7 elements: His divine nature, His incarnation, His human living, His experience of death, His resurrection, His ascension, and His enthronement

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