Week of 6/7/21

Dear saints, we hope you enjoy and experience Christ while reading through this week’s enjoyments! May we all grow in life together! Praise the Lord! – YP in Him

Sister Kelly

Day 1: 

  • Nehemiah committed himself and pressed on at all costs
  • Perseverance and hard work
  • Overcame disparity and deceit 
  • Diligent in every job 
  • Assume responsibility
  • Doesn’t fear work and completing to fruition 
  • Desire, concentration, overcome 
  • Put our heart into labor 

Day 2:

  • Concentrate single-mindedly with full attention
  • Apply and held fast
  • Nehemiah overcame obstacles by ignoring distractions 
  • Relentless
  • Saw evil intentions 
  • Expend energy and never lose 
  • Spiritual wealth comes from diligence

Day 3:

  • Assume responsibility 
  • Have a positive heart for every task
  • Don’t be slothful/”bury talents”
  • Behavior is vital 
  • Concentrate
  • Faithful and persistent 
  • Only become obstacles if we let them
  • Only be truly happy being a hard worker who completes tasks 
  • Comes as we fulfill our responsibilities in a persevering manner 
  • Rather have lost using our talent than nothing 
  • Learn from mistakes 
  • What is in your heart?

Day 4: 

  • Diligence is the most important characteristic of the Lord’s servant
  • Seize our time
  • Redeem the time!
  • Practiced spontaneously 
  • Thoroughly finish work
  • Ant characterized by an insatiable urge to work 
  • “Worker” class of ants – the majority of colony 
  • Seek task after task 
  • Work before play 

Day 5:

  • God is building up a wall composed of living, precious stones as part of the New Jerusalem 
  • God desires man to be one with him
  • We need to open ourselves to God 
  • We are the precious stones to be put together 
  • God is not resting

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Sister Katherine’s enjoyment:

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