Week of 7/12/21

The Importance of a Morning Revival

Hello saints! Here is this week’s YP daily enjoyment. If you’d like to add you’ve enjoyment too-whether it’s from YP meetings, the material you’ve read, small analogies, something another saint has said, a hymn, or anything else- Leave a reply below! Hallelujah! We hope they help you grow in life! Praying about you all,

Christ as Life YP

Sister Ellie:

-God’s servants had the habit of spending time with God early in the morning. This is an example of faithfulness.

-When you call the Lord in the morning He will usually answer. To wake up early one can be more faithful to the Lord.

-The best time to meet with the Lord is in the morning. The purpose for rising early is drawing near to God.

-Each day is a new, fresh day to spend time with the Lord. Give the Lord the best time of the day to fellowship with Him.

-The mercies of God are new every day. We should love and seek God in the merciful time of the morning. 

-If we get up late, we will make no progress in our spiritual life, and our days will be harder. 

-To rise up early you should go to sleep early, or your health will be affected. We need to have a habit of going to sleep early to be refreshed and more effectively enjoy the Lord.

-Once we wake up, the first thing we do is to call on his name and pray. We should also read His word to fill our spirit up with spiritual food. 

-The 4 things we should do in the morning are: Fellowship with Him, praise Him, read His word, and pray with Him. 

-We should practice a habit of rising up early, even if we’re not used to it. Eventually we will develop a habit and our spirit will grow. 

-We should have a private time to pray with the Lord, and the morning is usually a good time for that. We should have a morning revival everyday to strengthen our spirit. 

-Bible reading is more effective during the early hours. At first it might be hard to wake up early. But as we keep pushing through we will eventually get used to it.

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