Week of 8/9/21 (SSOT!)

Enjoyment for the Summer School of Truth 2021! This SSOT’s topic was on The Triune God and the Person and Work of Christ We hope you enjoy what we have been encouraged by!

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If you’d like to add you’ve enjoyment too-whether it’s from YP meetings, the material you’ve read, small analogies, something another saint has said, a hymn, or anything else- Leave a reply below! Hallelujah! We hope they help you grow in life!

Praying about you all,

Christ as Life YP

Brother Albert:

I really enjoyed the example the Brother gave about the smoothie. He put in all these delicious things like mangos, ice cream, chocolate syrup, etc. which represented the different things the Lord went through for us like crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, etc. and yet, when the brother was done making the smoothie, he threw it out. He did this to show us that even though our Lord has gone through such a difficult process and that even though He is so sweet and enjoyable, we have a tendency to waste Him. Throughout our lives we will have many opportunities to turn to, and experience Him, and yet, many times we don’t, effectively wasting the processed, compound spirit available to us. Overall, the brother was trying to show us that our Lord has gone through a lot simply because He loves us and that we must learn to seize every opportunity to enjoy Him.

Sister Samantha:

i enjoyed the prayer: Lord i am not faithful but You make me faithful. before the summer school, i was very dry. even in the beginning, i was very dry. i was unfaithful to wake up and have morning revival everyday. i was unfaithful to read the word everyday. i was unfaithful to pray and praise everyday. but i was just so touched that a faithful God is in me! He lives in me and that makes it possible for me to live a faithful life and a life like Jesus. as john 6:57 says, if we eat Him, we live!! it isn’t out of myself not out of good things i do but it’s from the very source, the Father. if you eat the Lord, everhtbjng will get taken care of and you will become faithful. if you love the Lord, you will be motivated to read the Word to serve and to be faithful. and whatever doubts or thoughts of dryness i’ve had is now put to death by His victory and destroying of the enemy on the cross. When you have a realization of the eternal freshness of the cross, you will experience freedom and victory. there isn’t much power in me but there is power in the cross !! i’m too weak in my flesh to always be faithful but the Lord became a man, died, and rose so that the faithful and strong God can be the spirit in me. i was impressed that the christian life isn’t one of trying to be better but of eating and of experiencing and being transformed not by myself, but by HIM. I am not faithful, but Lord, You make me faithful !!

Sister Phoebe:

I really enjoyed this year’s SSOT. The topic was about the triune God! I remember that in the beginning Brother RIcky mentioned five words: One. Purpose. Love. Life. Triune.  I loved how God desires to be with man and to be with man, he has to become a man. A Brother mentioned a story about how he loved to be with the birds, but whenever he got close to him, the birds got scared and ran away! Likewise, if God came down to earth in his divine form, we would all be scared to death. God wants to spend time with man so much that he became a man Himself! May we give the Lord the first place in our hearts! We should practice waking up and calling on the name of the Lord! Let us eat the Word. Let us keep the Word. Let us love the Word. I especially loved the point about how he is able to save us until eternity. Our God is always praying for us to be saved. Amen!!

Sister Katherine:

Amen! Praise the Lord! I wasn’t able to listen to all the afternoon messages that were during the weekdays yet, but this SSOT was still SOOO enjoyable. I really enjoyed the 5 words that were shared with us- it really summarizes the topic and connects with each other really well. Word #1 was one: God wants us to know very well that there is one and only one God (memory verse Isaiah 45:5). Word #2 was purpose: God is Triune because of his eternal purpose, which is to become one with us and dispense himself into us. The next word was (#3) was love: God wants to be chosen by us out of love, which is why he put the tree of knowledge of good and evil into the Garden of Eve which before SSOT I thought was kind of not smart of God to do-but God is very smart and loving for doing this! Word #4 was life: God expresses his love to us by BECOMING our life! And finally, word #5 was Triune: the only way He could become our life is because He is Triune! Hallelujah! By knowing these things we can keep enjoying, loving, eating, and turning our heart toward the Lord so that we can usher God’s coming back and be READY as His bride!! Lord, we want to be your crazy lovers!

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